Corporate Consultant

To stimulate learning, growth and development

Just like a car, we humans also need a periodic inspection to keep going. Personal maintenance is an important tool to remain successful. Sharing seemingly small issues can prevent them from getting bigger. When there is time and space to vent, we remain healthy and productive. As a Personal Development consultant, I can help create this space.

Space to listen, share, reflect and observe what is there. Moments of self-reflection stimulate growth, understanding and help us develop. On all levels.
When we neglect ourselves by not paying attention to significantly small details, like stress, negativity, overthinking, overachieving or pondering, it can result in a burnout, depression or loss of interest.

To keep a company healthy, it becomes vitally important to keep employees feeling strong, happy and fit as they are at the heart of your business.

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“We grow fearless
by walking into our fears”
Robin Sharma

About me

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in personal development and growth. As a guardian, I have helped children, teenagers and families overcome their problems, but there is more to life than simply surviving. Now I speak from my own experience.

Through study, self-reflection, and most of all my own relationships, I have learnt to live wholeheartedly. This enabled me to make decisions based on freedom instead of fear.

I thoroughly enjoy guiding others in their search for greater inner peace, balance and stability. I have come to believe that happiness cannot be found outside of ourselves.

I would love to connect and meet you, there, wherever you are.

Stacey Scipio Blüme