Family Consultant

To support your family life.

As a registered family counselor, I help families deal with the problems they encounter in education, such as difficulties in communicating with school, at home, between family members, divorce, addiction (game/ food/ drugs), delinquent habits, behavioral issues and authoritative issues.

For numerous years I have worked for child protection services where I dealt with several, similar problems. Together we can make a plan that works best for you and your family, regardless of what the situation might be.

Contact me and let’s see how I can be of service.

“Family is like the branches on a tree,
we all grow in different directions
yet our roots remain as one.”

About me

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in personal development and growth. As a guardian, I have helped children, teenagers and families overcome their problems, but there is more to life than simply surviving. Now I speak from my own experience.

Through study, self-reflection, and most of all my own relationships, I have learnt to live wholeheartedly. This enabled me to make decisions based on freedom instead of fear.

I thoroughly enjoy guiding others in their search for greater inner peace, balance and stability. I have come to believe that happiness cannot be found outside of ourselves.

I would love to connect and meet you, there, wherever you are.

Stacey Scipio Blüme