Personal Development

For a sustainable, happy life.

You deserve vitality, health and happiness. I believe you are worthy of soul-centered care, joy, and a life of prosperity.  And no matter how busy you are, you do not have to hustle and stress your way through life. There is another way. A way to live without feeling so overwhelmed, and a way to feel that you are centered, and shining at your brightest. Life is meant to be celebrated and it is my greatest privilege to help you do just that through individual coaching sessions, family sessions and private retreats.

Sometimes you can feel lost. Even if you think there is nothing to complain about. We all experience that in certain moments of our lives. Whether there is an unsatisfying feeling within ourselves, in our relationships or at work. There is a need for self-reflection. To take a pause and ask – is this what I want? Where do I want to go? What do I need? Do I feel free and connected to my inner wisdom?  Do I even know what that is? And most importantly: Am I really happy?!

It can be a lonely feeling, but it is also a feeling that wants to be heard. That needs and deserves attention. Ignoring that feeling might help for a moment, but it will continue to creep up on you.

As a coach I can guide you to rediscover your own unique path and gift. This is not an easy process and, at times, it will be uncomfortable. It takes time, openness and dedication to make yourself vulnerable and understand your internal struggles. But the result is always authentic, real and eventually more productive. Knowing what you want and feel gives you a clearer perspective on where to go, and where not to go. It creates real freedom and independence. Not only will it help you take care of YOURSELF, but those around you will benefit too.

What people often do is give, without really taking care of themselves. This way of giving is exhausting and unsustainable. It leaves us feeling frustrated and empty.

It is time to go back to the source, that is yourself. With the right tools and exercises you can (most of the time) regain and maintain your energy, whilst giving AND receiving based on trust.

Contact me and let’s see how I can be of service.

“I have come to believe that taking care for myself is not self indulgent.
Caring for myself is an act of survival.”
Audre Lorde


These sessions are a time to soften the external noise, and to clarify your needs and goals. This will result in a better head space, a healthier body and, ultimately, an honest life.

Each private session is completely tailored to your needs and may include processes like therapeutic bodywork, self-reflection and coaching. We will focus on your top 3 wellness and self-care challenges, diving into any roadblocks and strategizing how to make meaningful changes in order to pursue your goals and feel empowered along your journey. At the end of the session(s), you will have learnt the practical tools and practices that can be integrated into your life in order to foster greater health and happiness.

You will leave this session feeling centered, inspired, and empowered.

These sessions stimulate:

Positive self image
Greater relaxation
Strategies for improving one’s relationship with food
Understanding in relationships
Clarity when it comes to needs, wants, and desires
Improved energy and sense of vitality
Greater wellness, vitality, and health
Inspiration for your journey

Sometimes you need a little more time to reconnect with yourself. To truly step out of your comfort zone you might need to literally leave the house and spend time surrounded by nature, peace and outdoor activities.

Disconnect from unhealthy patterns and connect with what makes you happy.
In my case that is nature, sports/yoga/running/watersports, clean eating, good company and quiet reflective moments. If you are interested, I can offer all of that.

Together we can explore the possibilities and locations for a retreat. If Spain is high on your list, then let me know as I have strong connections there. I can offer you my guidance and knowledge, as I know the islands by heart.

What I offer:

  • One-on-one guidance from start to finish.
  • A customized and personalized plan and program. Including transport, stay, daily activities, the necessary nature.
  • After care/ support/ integration of practices into daily life. Follow up.

Private retreats create space for you to delve into your own development in a unique and personalized manner. The programs can be held in the Netherlands or Spain (Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca, Menorca). Always surrounded by breathtaking nature, to stimulate personal growth, to reset old habits and to build new horizons. The tools range from yoga therapy practices, personal diet programs, holistic coaching sessions and a variety of nature activities and rituals.

This kind of retreat is for anyone who:

  • Is looking to change unsustainable habits
  • Is struggling with specific health issues
  • Feels like group dynamics are not for them at this point in time
  • Needs personal mentoring to assist in overcoming obstacles of a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual nature

Private retreats are custom made together with the participant. All retreats may include:

  • Yoga Therapy Practice
  • Bodywork Sessions
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Holistic Coaching Sessions
  • Nature Activities

The retreat program aims to take you on a journey within. We combine nourishing meals, with movement and mindfulness, all amidst the beautiful nature that Ibiza has to offer. This week will bring relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation to all levels of your being. Rediscover the joy of being in your body, connect with your food, and find the inspiration to ignite yourself along your own health journey! Learn new skills and feel empowered to move forward in your life far beyond our week together.

We start each day with a short meditation and yoga practice, followed by a nourishing breakfast, and a cooking class or nutrition workshop. After lunch there is time to rest, go for a massage, enjoy the pool, take a walk or even go horse riding. The afternoon offers a second yoga class geared towards relaxation, followed by a dinner to help you unwind, and an optional evening activity.

In order to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere this retreat is for women only and limited to 12 participants. Our retreats respect and honor where you might be in your health journey. The classes and workshops are for women of any level and any physical condition. We welcome everyone with open arms!


“Sustainability and selfcare go hand in hand.”

About me

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in personal development and growth. As a guardian, I have helped children, teenagers and families overcome their problems, but there is more to life than simply surviving. Now I speak from my own experience.

Through study, self-reflection, and most of all my own relationships, I have learnt to live wholeheartedly. This enabled me to make decisions based on freedom instead of fear.

I thoroughly enjoy guiding others in their search for greater inner peace, balance and stability. I have come to believe that happiness cannot be found outside of ourselves.

I would love to connect and meet you, there, wherever you are.

Stacey Scipio Blüme